What Can an Insane Man Learn from an Insane Series of Books?

In between a few nyquil naps today I took a look through my folder of pdf’s I have that are about cultural studies and found that I had one of the “Introducing” series – the graphic novels about theory that are often hilarious to me. They can be useful little things when you want a short overview of something without any actual substance. I have Introducing Baudrillard and I swear one day it will just be used as emergency toilet paper.

So , here’s how I’ve been reading this text. This will not be suitable for children or potential employers.

Cultural studies is hotTHIS IS THE FIRST PAGE? Oh God, why am I going to do this? This is probably my worst idea yet. I think this should just be the answer that I give everyone when I try to explain cultural studies. It’s really hot. YOU KNOW WHY? Because, you see that little bump that looks like a third of a Pac-Man? That’s the ‘C’ in culture and it’s on fire. It’s hot.

What is culture

Yes. Culture Man is dancing with Culture Woman while holding a stone culture axe. No, I have no idea what Culture Woman is wearing.


I know it might seem weird, but this book would actually make a lot less sense if there weren’t 80 or so disembodied heads on top of a shitty visual allegory for anti-disciplinarity. What are these things? How do they exist? Why do they exist? Oh, and this is one of the first sketches of a human that doesn’t involve an entirely circular torso and abdomen. I’m sure there’ll be an example later, but it’s insane that this is one of the first normal-looking human drawings. MY GODpragmatic CS?

Oh there it is. That silhouette is one of the less terrifying human depictions within the first ten pages, but the reinforcement makes me want to run away from my computer. At least it’s not a disembodied head, of which there are entirely too man. Also, maybe I’m not reading the right stuff, but I don’t know too much about the pragmatism of cultural studies.



I mean, they took a little artistic license with this sketch, but I must say I am happy to be represented in this book accurately.

hot dog


I really have no reason as to why I haven’t written about hot dogs in popular culture. Is there an existing body of hot dog literature? What is hot dog studies? Hey! Hot dogs and cultural studies have a lot in common. They’re both 98% odds and ends and no one can tell you what they are actually made up of. Now, seriously Introducing… series…how stoned am I supposed to be when I’m reading these things?

arm wrestling


This is apparently E.P. Thompson and Louis Althusser having an arm wrestling competition. I think this should be something that just happens at academic conferences. That or steel cage matches. I think Slavoj Zizek would have made an excellent professional wrestler. His finishing move would have to be something involving sweat or spit. Think he would get super angry if one of his black tee-shirts got ripped?






I don’t know what to make of this, but Stuart Hall has been depicted in this book three or four times this way. Why do they make it look like he’s kissing Bart Simpson on the back of the head?



This is by far my favorite depiction of Thatcher I’ve seen. However, I wish there was a little Reagan with fairy wings flying around with her. I don’t know why Reagan would be Cupid-like, but it makes sense in my mind right now.

marx window


This is apparently what happened to cultural studies in the US. They through Marx out the window. It would be awesome if busts screamed more.

So, I’m going to just stop there since I want to nap again. Hope you enjoyed some insane rambling to go along with absolutely, bat-shit insane illustrations. I’ll try to get something a bit more substantive up tomorrow/Sunday.


Or at least something that actually addresses cultural studies.


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