An Ignorance of Speed

This post is not about Occupy Wall Street…holy shit.

Moammar Gadhafi has been killed.  Anwar Al-Awlaki has been killed.  Osama bin Laden has been killed.  None of them had been through court systems.  While these may be “bad man” who wished for the death of America, didn’t we just give it to them?  I still believe in due process of the law and for any criminal, domestic or international, who is suspected of committing horrible crimes.  New reports out of the Washington Post also state that al-Awlaki’s son, a 16 year old kid, was killed recently in Yemen by yet another drone strike.

By the way, both of the al-Awlaki’s are American citizens.  What is our definition of terrorist in this world?  What is the difference between me and the al-Awlaki’s other than geographical location?  Yes, I don’t want to see people get killed, as they may or may not have wished for, but I do wish for the downfall of America as it is currently assembled.

I think that this country, it’s administration at least, has a minimal understanding of the speed at which events occur within the globe.  The instantaneousness of events which permeate the news causes overflow into a multitude of areas.  The current speed should dictate how policy is carried out.  Predator drone strikes are not subtle events and neither is the killing of American citizens.  These are bound to grab attention by people and even if explanation of the events are given, it is not enough to counteract the effects of speed.  People will fact check and organizations will publish the actual events and the reasons given will be utterly scrutinized at every turn.

Geographic location no longer matters except in a symbolic sense.  An American can be killed in Yemen only because that human ceases to exist within the symbolic America.  But that human does not cease to exist within the velocity of the world.  That person continues and it will be those that pull the trigger that will have to fight the existence of speed.

Hopefully one day this will be realized by the American administration so these things are thought through more thoroughly. But I doubt it. Killing is America’s true pastime.  So let’s sit back, grab a beer, and get ready for some extra innings bloodlust.



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7 responses to “An Ignorance of Speed


  2. too fluttered to keep it up?

  3. Lon DiMazzio

    what is this “speed” which seems so key to this analysis?

    • Speed is the key concept to technological advances proposed by Paul Virilio throughout much of his work. Virilio has stated that because of speed, geographical distance has become negligible in all aspects of life. This is particularly important to OWS because, as we see today, there is no real way to stop Wall Street from functioning even if the streets are blocked. There is a necessity to do more to counteract speed. Occupation does not negate speed.

    • I just realized that this entry was about Gaddhafi and not OWS…my mistake. The principles of Virilio’s speed still apply. The idea of a full shadow war is dead. It is something that can’t be done. We’re at a point where Libya and Somalia and Yemen are all in our backyard….they’re right behind our screen.

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