Hashtags for the Future

Good day, good day!

Allow me to spew some horrible things in the form of hashtags. Some of them are comical, most are serious. Some are me just rehashing older ideas and some are new.


Someone proposed at OWS and used that line. Oh yeah, this isn’t folding into a sad parody of itself.


Never gets cold there, so no problems with that whole winter thing about to kill the protests.


Should have happened a long time ago.


Seriously that place sucks.


If this is the primary means of communicating goals and full thoughts, then you’re doing something wrong.


The only way to be a revolutionary is to first be a student. Don’t skip the first step.


I think the only true and effective occupation that I have seen in the past year or so is the DDoS attacks on Visa, Mastercard, Paypal, etc. Boy where those fun to watch.


I think (read:hope) that there are some people at OWS that don’t like the way that it is going but are portrayed as nihilists or anarchists and shunned. I would say that the OWS people need to be critical of their own thoughts on these ideas.  A healthy dose of nihilism gives any protest a shot in the arm of courage.  This is coming from a person who hates the idea of anarchists.


Not literally you sick little man.  I’ve had the opportunity to go back and forth with one of my friends the past few weeks about this thing.  We wildly disagree and it helps me more than anything to talk to him.


I have said it before and I will say it again.  When you get angry and you aren’t pointing it correctly, you’ve wasted your time and energy in making yourself look like an asshole.


Your understanding of the word “peaceful” is defined with regard to the social/economic landscape of the day.  And that is outside of the physical world.


If there is no agitation, is it truly an occupation? Yes you are occupying a space, you are existing in a space, but is that doing anything? If you’re going to use the word “occupy,” then you should really be camping out in the Bank of America headquarters of on the floor of the NYSE.



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