Movies are more effective at making my point.

If you start this at about the 3:30 mark and watch until around the 5:55 mark it is almost a perfect way to describe OWS.  People were angry so they got together.  They set up some stuff.  No, they didn’t break anything.  That would be violent idiocy which would lead to the vilification of the protest by outsiders.  And they would never want to tarnish their image to outsiders….it’s not like some people would just automatically have an issue with what they were doing or anything.  Then at the 5:55 mark you’ll see a man in a suit come in through the door.  Then he will automatically turn away.  Congratulations Occupy Wall Street, this is what you have done to the brokers on Wall Street.  They do not fear that their status is threatened.  They simply might get a little pissed that they have to turn around and head down a different street to get to their office….or not go down it at all and simply work from home.  What a giant inconvenience that has been created.

I’m sorry if I’m beating a dead horse, but I’m one of the few people around who is able to see through the slightly left of center ideals that are being portrayed through OWS when the ideals should move further down the political scale.  This constant plea to have total inclusion is limiting the possible effects OWS has.  This isn’t an “If you can’t beat them, join them” scenario for people who see OWS as no threat but as ideologically wrong.  There is no critical mass that will be met that will cause those who automatically think of OWS’ers as socialist hippies with smelly dreadlocks to jump to the side of the “99%.”  This thing isn’t enough.  Let’s grow up and finally realize that we can’t be little kids trying to run a school.  If that doesn’t happen we’ll continue being seen as kids who need a nap because they’ve gotten too cranky.


A big thank you to the writer of the blog Socialism and/or Barbarism ( There is a ton of really great stuff there and this clip just set me off.


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  1. Joshua Comer

    On a similar note:

    I saw this defense of the reasonableness of the claims animating OWS being passed around today as if the fact that their demands were reasonable presidential rhetoric in the 1930s is something to be proud of. The mystically conjoined logics of protest: “Our demands are entirely achievable in and adaptable to the available system” and “Our demands reflect a transcendental heritage and are not particular to this historical moment”. Together they shape protest as a negotiation within concrete historical condition with the protestors articulating their perspective from an abstraction of progressive movements.

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