I thought showdowns were only in the noon slot.

So I am a bad person.  I’m a pretty terrible human being.  I just wanted to begin with that before I get into this piece too much.

Tonight after I came back from a concert (buying into that musical industrial complex) I saw the Occupy Wall Street website and that a showdown was forthcoming tomorrow at 7 AM (10/14).  I don’t know how to feel about this really.  On one hand, I’d like to see this keep going and develop to the point where it can actually do something other than attract media attention.  On the other hand, I don’t know if it ever will get to that point.  I was talking with a friend today who was down at Occupy Philadelphia and he told me it just sort of seemed like a hangout for people that acted as a minor inconvenience for people working near the “occupation” area.

It might be time that we come to terms with the idea that occupation alone isn’t going to work.  It isn’t disrupting anything on Wall Street except for maybe a stockbroker’s cigarette break.  Now I can’t really tell you alternatives at this point.  I would suggest that people go and block the entrances to banks and major businesses around the country, but I don’t know if that would actually solve much either.  The world that we live within no longer requires a human presence to simply run.  Whole companies can be controlled remotely.  Sure, they wouldn’t be able to fix mistakes, but I know that most of those brokers could trade their futures from home almost just as well as they would from their office.  So the idea of a kind of forced general strike doesn’t work and a voluntary general strike wouldn’t really either (simply because enough people like this country the way it is to keep it moving for a few days before people return to work).  So what the fuck should we do?  I don’t really have any fucking clue.  Though, I can tell you one thing with a bit of certainty.  The first step is to establish the definitions of these loaded words “peaceful” and “nonviolent.”  Those have to be clearly stated because I have no idea which definition people are using anymore.  Let’s make our own fucking definition that doesn’t buy into this crooked system we live in.  Then maybe we can think of strategies.

I’m going to make this a shorter piece tonight. It’s technically my birthday now and I have a bit of a birthday wish.  Remember the first few sentences where I said I was a horrible human?  You have probably been thinking that I don’t seem that bad through those two paragraphs.  Maybe a bit strange.  Well here it is: I have a bit of hope that tomorrow there will be chaos on Wall Street.  I hope that people start sticking up for themselves physically and not simply verbally.  Realize finally that you are not carrying the weight of 99% of America and that you must act instead like game-changers.  This movement is like the story of the big bad wolf.  You might be able to huff and puff and blow down the straw and stick houses that are the media and independents.  However, when it comes down to it, there’s still that brick house filled with the piggies of corporations and their many government piglets that isn’t going to be blown over by chants and posters and slogans.  It’s going to require those teeth.


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