The Ability of the Opportunity

So today I have been reading this book on the assassination of Fred Hampton who was the leader of the Chicago office of the Black Panthers and, while depressing, it has been really inspiring in a way. The excerpts from his speeches are amazing and he sounded like a person that wanted change and was willing to do anything for it. He died and I’m sure that he was OK with that really. I wish that I had that sort of courage, but I know I don’t. I’d like to pick up everything and find a place that is filled with activists and start working towards good things, but I know I can’t. I’m a college student and this is probably just youthful rage against the system to be honest. I don’t really want it to be, but it’s an option that I need to be aware of.

Plus I don’t really have faith in this generation right now. Everyone is happy. No one even really cares about the health care debate to talk about it…even though it directly affects them. Maybe I just don’t see it here. Ursinus is a small and pretty homogeneous place. Ideas from one to another are pretty similar. At least that is what I have encountered. We are complacent. I don’t want to put myself outside of that realm because I know that I am. And I know that people can change or hide parts of themselves away that might not really fit in with the group.

I would hope that it would all be different at a much larger school, which is why I would like to go to a larger school for graduate school. I want to experience a place where different ideals are encouraged. I hope that those sorts of places are out there.

Haas writes that “I once was told every generation has its chance to make a revolution. The last had been in the 1930s. This was ours.” There is the opportunity once more for that revolution, but I don’t know about the ability of this generation. For the reasons I listed above along with many others that I am sure you can figure out, it just doesn’t seem like the passion is there. Maybe it’s because we have forgotten about the two wars that are going on. Maybe we feel like we already won change when we elected Obama. I have heard a lot about the changing values in American Society and how some have changed for the better and others for the worse. I don’t really know what to think of that, but is this value-changing process internally-based or externally? I can’t really decide…it’s probably a mix.

Either way this society does need some more value changes. Maybe some value reestablishment. I don’t really know. I do know that I am not one of the people that is able to lead it. At least not right now. Maybe you guys can join me in this journey of actually doing something because I can’t do it alone and I wouldn’t want to even if I could. Let’s do something.


Well that was really circular and kid of shitty, so sorry if you hate it. Hopefully you can grab something out of it an hold on, even if it is the cynical part.


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  1. Calla

    I have actually been thinking a lot about the complacency here too. I feel like I (and it’s not just me) do a lot of complaining about the issues, but I never ever do anything about the stuff that bothers me. And most of campus doesn’t even fucking care enough to bitch. Glad someone else is frustrated. I know that I really need to find something to do after graduation that makes a difference or I am probably going to jump off a bridge by 35. And honestly, I don’t think you’ll ever grow out of it and stop yelling if you stay informed. I hope not, at least.

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