Get Those Dicks Out of My Google!

Wow. This might be my first blog post that doesn’t deal with FaceBook in length, but sadly it has that title.

So I am minding my own business scooting around the internet tonight when I see a news article that Google executives have been deemed criminally responsible for hosting a video in which autistic children are bullied. This somewhat deals with my post earlier today about FaceBook and the legality of corporations, but leaves me confused within the subject.

First, let me tackle the whole freedom of the internet thing. IT SHOULD BE FREE AND OPEN TO ALL FOR ALL CONTENT. Why should we allow people to see autistic children being bullied? Because we can learn that it is fucking stupid to do so and so we can get mad at the idiots who are doing the bullying. We learn good by knowing bad. We know power through its destruction. We know strength by knowing weakness. Knowledge is a binary system. This most likely isn’t knowledge’s choice and is instead the projection of human necessity/capability in that we need to know things in black and white. Our heads have too hard a time wrapping around subjects/emotions that lead to more complexity than a two-option system. But it is not that these two things that establish themselves individually, instead they are intertwined and rise together, as Milton said in Areopagitica. Through this video, and countless other “immoral” things on the internet and elsewhere, that we can understand the accepted ways to behave. I wish that we could see this in other forms of media such as television and radio, but those are apparently too permeating to be seen as free mediums. Thus, the internet is the last stronghold of somewhat free speech. However, we can see that diminishing as morality rears its head to strike down anything seen as unacceptable or challenging of societal standards. Morals are a bitch.

However, where does this leave us as far as the legal position of corporations? I’m not a lawyer. I barely can recount the Bill of Rights to be honest and most likely a cynical college student shouldn’t be accounted to set community and social standards. But where do corporations fall in this 14th amendment cascade? The Supreme Court has already given them the ability to sue as an individual, to claim copyrights as an individual, and, more recently, to back a political candidate as an individual (a whole other issue, but all I have to say is why don’t we just fucking legalize extortion). And this case shows that they can be charged like an individual, but with individuals taking the blame and consequences instead of the corporation as a whole.

I guess this doesn’t really go against my previous thoughts on the legal corporate identity (that it should be exterminated), but if it were to be gone, where does the authority to strike down corporations come from? Was there a body that brought corporations to “justice” in earlier days? There must have been, but I sure as hell don’t know it. Either way, I’m just kind of hoping that this whole corporation running rampant thing might end sometime soon and that they may be able to be controlled at some point.

These aren’t just the usual ramblings of socialism right now; they are simply some hopes and dreams of a critical capitalist. That is really all that I hope America can become. A little too lofty of an ideal, but who knows, maybe with more and more people going to college we can experience a culture that is based upon critique instead of passivity. One that is open, instead of afraid of, change and progress. Even those that whole-heartedly believe in change are still afraid of it, but they at least have some courage to push aside the fear and believe that change might be good and wholesome. It should be somewhat obvious that I only believe change to be good when coming from a Leftist point of view and that the Right doesn’t offer change, but they do. It’s just not change that I believe in. It’s change that I am not willing enough to push the fear away.

That’s probably a good thing, since I can only know the Left by knowing the Right. I can only know how to smash the state by knowing how to build it. I can only know how to kill bitches and make money by knowing how to save lives and donate money.

PS. I’m listening to this band, the Local Natives and it is wonderful.

[Thanks for reading my ramblings on nothingness…there seem to be less dick jokes in this blog than I expected, but it’s turning out OK I think. Who knows.]



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2 responses to “Get Those Dicks Out of My Google!

  1. The Google thing happened in Italy and had nothing to do with any US laws. The main point of the case was that no one in the Google company had checked with everyone involved with that video to see if they were OK with being on the internet and thus, privacy rights were violated. However, Google took the video down (which shouldn’t be up, there’s plenty of ways to learn right from wrong without watching some poor autistic kid getting beaten) as soon as they found out about it and even assisted the police in locating the assaulters in the video. THEN a public prosecutor decided to sue four specific Google executives, including one that I believe left in 2008, over the video.

    However, this sets a ridiculous and extremely dangerous precedent where anyone who hosts any kind of content could be sued for invasion of privacy because someone only tangentially related to the company (a registered user or even some anonymous teabagger) uploaded content without the permission of everyone in the content.

    Google is obviously going to appeal this, but even the fact that Italy’s court system decided it this way means they clearly don’t understand a thing about a thing.

    Here are my sources:


    • Well I didn’t mean that we absolutely NEED these sort of videos to know right and wrong. I think that all hatred is superfluous, but it is not unnecessary. So while we do not need this video of autistic bullying, we still can use it as a piece of education. We can learn from it and better the mass population from it.

      I completely agree that it sets a standard that the internet could never handle. Everyone has things on the internet that they are not proud of (I’m sure this blog will be one of mine in the future), but that is the way of the web. We both looked at FaceBook privacy settings to see if they would fall under this case as prosectute-able or not and I still don’t know. You can set your privacy settings, but is it seen as the individual’s responsibility to do so when they buy into a system like FaceBook or is upon the responsibility of the hosting party (whoever posts the picture or video or even a quote) to check with those that their content involves? This is a ridiculous standard and I wonder if there is any sort of FaceBook contract that you have to agree to to be within the community (It is a community at this point, but not one that is exclusive in any way) that states the guidelines of the privacy of others.

      But is the internet a place where total privacy should be allowed? We have this semi-privacy, semi-permeating nature already on the web and while this isn’t the first time that governments have tried to project a more physical community feeling upon the web, but this has a different sort of feel. It asks websites and services to have the same sort of care for your fellow man in the process of creating or hosting content (something that is somewhat done already, but more for corporate beings and not the common person). Why do we have to project this sort of physical feeling onto something that is completely digital? I don’t really know. Maybe it’s just the inherent way of humans within a society; that all they do has to be a part of a collective or group that cares for the others within said group. Who knows.

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